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iCan VEG PACK Organic Slow Release Fertilizer

iCan VEG PACK Organic Slow Release Fertilizer

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iCan VEG PACK is blended from natural and organic farm-grade ingredients used to make fertilizers for organic produce growers.

One 2oz pack will feed a single plant for its entire veg phase.

The ingredients are proven to be extremely beneficial for both plants and soil including:

  • Seabird Guano – A great source of Phosphoros and slow release Nitrogen.
  • Shrimp Shell and Crab Shell Meal – A premium sustained supply of calcium and Nitrogen for both soil and plants.
  • Poultry Manure – Ethically sourced from organically raised birds, unlike other ‘organic’ fertilizers that source from conventional farms.
  • Soybean Meal – Organically sourced
  • No Sludge, Fillers or Additives!
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