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iCan FLOWER POWER Organic Slow Release Fertilizer

iCan FLOWER POWER Organic Slow Release Fertilizer

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iCan FLOWER POWER is blended from natural and organic farm-grade ingredients used to make fertilizers for organic produce growers. The ingredients are proven to be extremely beneficial for both plants and soil including: Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Processed Poultry Manure, Sulfate of Potash. Also Contains non-plant food ingredients and beneficial bacteria.

One 2oz pack will feed a single plant for its entire flower phase.


Beneficial Bacteria:

Arthrobacter globiformis …..27.8CFU/gram

Azotobacter chroocoocum …..27.8CFU/gram

Azospirillum lipoferum…..27.8CFU/gram

Pseudomonas fluorescens…..27.8CFU/gram


Glomus intraradices…….0.033 propagules/gm

Glomus aggregatum…….0.033 propagules/gm

Glomus mossae…….0.033 propagules/gm

Glomus etunicatum…….0.033 propagules/gm

(CFU = Colony Forming Units)

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