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Qualiterps Germination Booster

Qualiterps Germination Booster

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Tired of beans not popping? Too many non-germination issues?  ...QUALITERPS GERMINATION BOOSTER is an easy and useful product that helps improve and increase your germination rates!  🌱 😎 👍




Method #1


  1. Place bean directly into a standard 44ml shot glass of water.
  2. Add Qualiterps Germination Booster to the shot glass of water by adding 10-15 ml into the shot glass before or after adding the bean. 
  3. Monitor frequently for sign of taproot emerging.
  4. Once the taproot has emerged, place the bean directly into your medium of choice (e.g. soil, coco, rockwool, peat etc). 


Method #2

Qualiterps Germination Booster can also be used with the Paper Towel Method. Use in place of water to moisten paper towel. 

Do not completely soak the paper towel, as too much moisture can cause bean to rot or cause paper towel to damage taproot. Add Qualiterps Germination Booster by adding a few drops to the area where the bean is covered.



Method #3

For germination directly in medium (e.g. soil or coco), simply add a few drops to the area daily.

  1. Place bean directly into pre-moistened medium. 
  2. Be sure not to place bean too deep into the medium. (One centimetre to half inch is ideal)
  3. Cover bean lightly with medium. (Again, do not bury the bean too deep).
  4. Add a few drops to the area daily with Qualiterps Germination Booster. 
  5. Cover with mini humidity dome.
  6. Ensure that humidity remains high but not too wet, to avoid seedling damping off. (Ideal RH = 60%-70%). 



  • Regardless of the method used to germinate the beans, water pH should always be between 5.5 and 6.5. The EC (Electrical Conductivity) value of the water should not bee too high for starting beans. It should be below 0.8.
  • The water temperature should be between 20 ° and 22 ° celsius.

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